The team behind FMS are lovers of beautiful produce who enjoy nothing more than cutting out the middleman on their regular journeys to Sydney markets and beyond. It is on these journeys they find an oasis of fresh produce and groceries. All of our fresh produce is Australian grown, and our grocery items – they are made here too. This benefits both the local economy and your taste buds. FMS take the greatest pleasure in purchasing, packing and delivering on the same day to ensure superior shelf life, freshness and flavour.

No longer do you have to lug your children along to the supermarket or greengrocer to pay exorbitant prices for sad old produce. Go surfing, watch the footy or enjoy your own time. FMS cuts out the hard yakka and delivers convenient wellbeing – you’re welcome!

FMS is a small business with a big environmental conscience. Wastage is minimal. No plastic bags or packaging. We recycle or reuse everything. All excess food is rescued by ozharvest.

We pride ourselves on personal service so if the internet is not for you then call us on 0420 906 061 or fill in the contact form and we will call you.